Overwhelmed with Your Disorganized Home or Office?

You deserve a space that reflects your truest self and allows for your best work. As a creative organizing consultant, I work with you personally to get your space in order and create systems to make your life more productive, less stressful, and more meaningful.  The best version of yourself is waiting to clear the clutter that stands in your way.

What I Do

Your environment is comprised of things or systems that either support or hinder your productivity, creativity and joy. Surroundings have a profound impact on your well-being and reflect your mental state. The way you think of life and the way you categorize your stuff is often one and the same. Therefore, getting organized can be an emotional process.

I am here to guide you through getting organized without judgment and at a pace that works best for you. Because I am certified in facilitating creative problem solving, we will use proven techniques to get to the root of your organizational needs. Together, we can tackle the roadblocks to your organized lifestyle and develop practical, personal solutions tailored to your life.

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Mike Raisch has facilitated hundreds of clients through the life-changing process of creativity in order to achieve self-actualization, personal development, creative products, organizational innovation and success.

Mike Raisch holds a Creative Change Leadership certificate (2015) and a Master of Science degree in Creative Studies at SUNY Buffalo State (2016). He has since applied the creative process to helping others organize, prioritize, and create.

Mike was awarded Tutor of the Year (2010) from The Learning Center, SUNY Fredonia for positively impacting hundreds of students’ educational experience through personal training.

Mike was also awarded the Mary Murdock Spirit Award (2016) for showing the courage and wisdom to be his authentic self in the face of both praise and criticism, living in the awe and wonder of everyday creativity, being a willing champion of the creative spirit of others, and demonstrating energy and commitment to the creativity field.

In all of Mike’s work, he utilizes the creative process to ask in-depth questions, seek out groundbreaking solutions and ignite creativity in everyone and everything with which he connects. 

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MISSION: To optimize the relationship between people, their environments and their technology in order to support their personal values.

Creative Organizing Services – $60/hr

  • Facilitating processes to achieve your organizing/life goals
  • Recommending organizational storage and display solutions to purchase or create
  • Suggest systems to maintain your ideal space and live your best life
  • Assisting to enhance your personal creativity, productivity, and functionality
  • Mindset training (Identify dysfunctional mindsets and practice new, more productive ways of thinking)
  • Working through emotional attachment to items
  • Placing desired items in a functional / aesthetically-pleasing way with your style in mind
  • Hanging lightweight artwork and similar items
  • Categorizing items so that they’re easier for you to assess
  • Light cleaning such as dusting shelves or sweeping an area
  • Removing unwanted items from the property
Donation and Recycling removal (LEARN MORE)

Small quantities of donations and recyclables can be removed from the premises at no extra charge. Certain items to be recycled are at cost (TVs, Monitors, Refrigerators for example). Larger quantities that may require larger vehicles or dumpsters can be assessed on a case by case basis.

Technical Support and Training – $60/hr

Learn, play, work – Enhance your life or business with 21st century skills and tools. (Learn more)
  • General use of technology: contacts, calendars, photo organization, email, internet search, etc.
  • Software Training:
    • Productivity apps (Microsoft Office, iWork, etc.)
    • Get Creative with music production, video production and photo manipulation
  • Hardware and Software troubleshooting
  • Custom Business Solutions

Digitize DVDs, VHS, Cassettes, Documents & Photos into more preservable and versatile formats.

In addition to digitizing your memories, Put What Where can manipulate a photograph or create the perfect custom slideshow, greeting card, photo book and more. Cost varies per project. Learn More

Offsite paper shredding: $20 per banker box

Assistance in selling items

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  • Declutter
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  • Digitize
  • Set up a new space/small business
  • Estate clearing
  • Downsize
  • Minimize
  • Implement simple systems
  • Manage a major transition (divorce/separation, death, big move, career change, etc.)

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