Mike Raisch has facilitated hundreds of clients through the life-changing process of creativity in order to achieve self-actualization, personal development, creative products, organizational innovation and success.

Mike Raisch holds a Creative Change Leadership certificate (2015) and a Master of Science degree in Creative Studies at SUNY Buffalo State (2016). He has since applied the creative process to helping others organize, prioritize, and create.

Mike was awarded Tutor of the Year (2010) from The Learning Center, SUNY Fredonia for positively impacting hundreds of students’ educational experience through personal training.

Mike was also awarded the Mary Murdock Spirit Award (2016) for showing the courage and wisdom to be his authentic self in the face of both praise and criticism, living in the awe and wonder of everyday creativity, being a willing champion of the creative spirit of others, and demonstrating energy and commitment to the creativity field.

In all of Mike’s work, he utilizes the creative process to ask in-depth questions, seek out groundbreaking solutions and ignite creativity in everyone and everything with which he connects. 

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