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Vertical Cabinet Door Spice Holder

Add more space to your cupboards by installing this innovation on the inside of a cabinet door. The closer to the stove the better. I use them myself and I love them!

Easy Command Hooks

Hard not to get hooked on the versatility of this small device. Put hooks where you need them!

Bamboo Drawer Divider (Set of 4)

Yum! Dividers transform junk drawers into functional drawers! Use them!

Mop, Broom & Garden Tools Wall-Mounted Organizer (5 Grip Spaces + 6 Hooks)

Get things off the floor and make it easy to grab the items you need when you need them.

15 Pocket (52″ x 18″) Over The Door Hanging Organizer (2 pack)

Utilize unused door space for a perfect grid of everything you need in a space.

24-Pocket (64” x 19”) Over-The-Door Organizer

Advertised for shoes, these clear pockets are great for organizing any medium-sized items. All of your options are clearly presented and makes good use of otherwise unused door space.

Cabinet Door Spice Rack

Add more space to your cupboards by installing this innovation on the inside of a cabinet door. The closer to the stove the better. I use them myself and I love them!

Brush Organizer (24 Spaces)

For a large quantity of brushes, this is a great solution to keeping them separated and readily available.

Makeup Brush Organizer / Drying Rack (12 Spaces)

Vertical storage frees up valuable desk/drawer space. Doubles as a brush drying rack.

Vertical Makeup Organizer (28 Spaces)

I’m always a fan of vertical storage. See all you have and take up less space. Just know that longer cosmetics may slide out, but works perfectly for standard-sized lipsticks.

Makeup Organizer Display Stand (40 Spaces)

Sold as a lipstick organizer, but works well for all of your cosmetics that are tall and thin.

Eyeliner / Lip Liner Organizer (26 Slots)

Blushes Highlighters Eyeshadow Makeup Organizer, 8 Spaces

Eliminate the need to shuffle through your small compacts with this simple solution.

Magnetic Tool Organizer Bars (Set of 4)

Easy access to your tools. It couldn’t be easier to add and remove items and see them all at once.

Counter Display Nail Polish Organizer (Fits 60 Bottles)

If you have the counter space and want to show off your entire nail polish collection all the time, this tiered display holds up to 60 bottles for your viewing pleasure at a low price. Works with other items too, like essential oils, or thread, or your favorite miniature figurines.

Nail Polish Organizer Holder (48 Slots)

This option not only allows you to see all of your nail polish options easily, but you can easily slide it in and out of a concealed space. Free up valuable vanity space! Works with other items too, like essential oils, thread or lipsticks.

Cosmetic Makeup/Jewelry Organizer Cube

Clear drawers make it easy to see everything. Shallow drawers make it hard to overfill and easy to access what you need.

80-Pocket Hanging Organizer

Advertised for Jewelry but could have many applications. Clear pockets make it easy to see everything at once.

Bamboo in-Drawer Knife Block

Free up counter space by putting your knife block in a drawer.

Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer

Silverware, batteries, or pencils, this beautiful unit is flexible in its width and creates compartments for you to keep your junk drawer uncluttered.

Airtight Food Storage Containers (Set of 6)

Keep your food fresh with these airtight containers. The clear acrylic makes it easy to see what’s inside and they stack nicely.

Wire Hexagon Wall-Mounted Shelves (Set of 3)

Stylishly display your favorite items. Also comes in silver and white.

Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack

This stackable rack can be built in a few configurations to fit your space. Advertised for shoes but can be a shelving unit for almost anything that won’t fall through the slats.

Velvet Shirt/Dress Hangers

Velvet Suit Hangers

Stainless Steel Hangers

Plastic Hangers

Wooden Hangers

Contour Shirt Hangers

Slack/Trousers Pants Hangers´╗┐

Medium Basket (6-Pack)

Multipurpose medium-sized baskets for medium-sized things.

Velvet Stackable 36 Grid Jewelry Tray

Good for those of you organizing your jewelry in drawers. Be mindful when stacking these because they can become a hassle to remove and shuffle around inside of a drawer. Use separate drawers for each tray or double with the wire pan organizer for easy access inside cupboards.

Stackable Can Rack

Unless you have short shelves, you’re probably not optimizing your canned-food storage. This unit makes good use of pantry/cupboard space and they’re stackable to suit any quantity of cans!

25 Glass Jars and Labels

Spices, paper clips, screws, beads? Having large quantities of smaller items can be a hassle but separated and labeled in equally sized jars makes it easy to put them away, find what you’re looking for and have a consistent look.

Pan and Pot Lid Organizer Rack

These are classic organizers but are a-must have to help with the shuffling of that stock pile of pans every time you cook. The simplest solutions are often the best.

36 Grids Clear Plastic

Perfect for the small things. Easy to see them all at once and properly separated.

Mini Ice Cube Trays (Set of 2)

These ice trays produce a large quantity of small ice cubes that fit easily into narrow-neck water bottles and get drinks cold faster than regular sized ice cubes. They’re easy to fill and empty. Just keep a container in your freezer with a scoop or spoon for easy storage and use.

Multi-Purpose Steel Mesh Caddy

I LOVE THIS SOLUTION! It’s inexpensive and perfect for kits. It’s advertised as a silverware and napkin holder, but it’s perfect for holding your shaving supplies, makeup, items for your nighttime ritual, crafting materials, office supplies, etc. I have yet to find a better solution for organizing drawers that are 5″ high or more.

Wall Mount Metal Wine/Towel Rack

I love when functionality and decor come together. Free up some shelf space in your linen closet by utilizing unused wall space in your bathroom. Looks great and makes it easy to grab a new towel. Doubles as a wine rack or to display your rolling pin collection. Be creative!

Floating Rustic Wood Shelves: Curved (Set of 3)

Rustic style shelves for displaying your prized possessions.

Floating Rustic Wood Shelves (Set of 3)

Rustic style shelves for displaying your prized possessions.

Wonder Hanger (10 pack)

I always encourage you to limit your belongings to what you can fit in a space without crowding. However, if you are hanging on to more hanging clothes than your closet space allows, this is a great way to increase that space by about 3x.

Floating Shelves

These shelves look great and are perfect for displaying your favorite items.

Over-The-Door 18 Pair Shoe Rack

Great solution for much needed shoe storage and great use of otherwise unused door space. They hold your shoes firmly and you can see all of your options easily.

12-Pair Shoe Organizer Under Bed Storage

This easy-to-access storage unit neatly tucks away up to twelve pairs of shoes. The clear cover makes it easy to see all of your options.

Toy Organizer

Colorful, fun and organized for your playroom or craft space! Slap some fun labels on these bins to encourage children to develop healthy organizing habits.

Floating Wall Mount Square Cube Shelves (Set of 3)

Decorative and practical displays for showing off your favorite items.

6-Drawer Steel Mesh Organizer Cart

Portable, removable, sturdy and shallow drawers make it easy to separate items and bring them wherever they need to go. I recommend the steel drawers because the plastic drawers tend to warp over time and make it difficult to slide in and out.

6-Cube Modular Shelves

Functional and stylish, these shelving cubes can be configured in three different ways to display and store your possessions in neat separate cubbies.

Over The Door Closet Rod

Easy-add hanging space. Just make sure you have 4ft of space behind whatever door you put it on so there’s room for your clothing to hang freely.

Apothecary Jars (Set of 3)

These jars are cute enough to leave on the counter filled with essentials or sharable items.

Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers | 6 Piece Set

A junk drawer is only junk if it’s cluttered! Often you can find small boxes laying around to help separate items inside of a drawer (like that old iPhone box you’ve been hanging onto). If nothing else, these plastic containers will certainly do the trick!

Hardware and Craft Cabinet

The is a dream for organizing the small things, whether hardware, crafts, makeup, jewelry, legos, etc. Combined with labels, this unit will make finding the right paraphernalia incredibly simple.

Shelving Unit

Good for basements and garages, this shelving unit comes in different tier amounts to suit your needs and perfect for overstock items. This unit is not ideal in living spaces or kitchens because it serves as visual clutter.

6 Quart Clear Storage Box (Pack of 12)

Perfectly sized and stackable for so many purposes. Great for crafts and shoes! The fact that they’re clear makes it easy to identify their contents.

Metal Pegboard 2-Pack

Whether for your craft area, closet, workshop, or equipment room, peg boards are the best way to take advantage of wall storage space. You can see all of your items at once and it takes up very little physical space. Pegboard could also host an extensive jewelry collection. Choose a color that matches your space and hang items with geometry in mind to create a pleasant aesthetic. Get creative. I recommend leaving at least an inch of space between items. Don’t forget to purchase the appropriate hooks for your collection (compatible hooks listed below this item).

Compatible Pegboard Hooks

Use this link to find compatible hooks for your new Metal Peg Board.

Compact Key Organizer

Minimize your key cluster

Commercial 7-Tier 16-Bin Rack Storage System

Do you have a lot of larger items to organize? The possibilities are endless, but make sure your application is big enough to warrant such a large organizational system.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Marie Kondo’s philosophies on organizing has made its way into the United States and now she has her own Netflix series. Despite the cultural differences in her approach to organizing, her book has inspired millions to take control of their environment and only surround themselves with what sparks joy.

The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery (Toltec Wisdom)

This is the follow-up book to Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements. He covers the first four and the a fifth agreement, so you really only need to read The Fifth Agreement if your interested in these core behaviors to improve your authenticity and quality of life.

The ONE Thing

It’s hard to focus on resolving the cutter and it’s hard to focus with the clutter, but your attention is your greatest resource. The key to the greatest results is focus.