The Great Debate: What Hangers to Use?

Many of us don’t really consider the impact that hangers have on our clothes and how we interact with our laundry. Most people get frustrated with the chore of laundry so it just makes sense to make as simple as possible.

Here are the potential pros and cons of each type of hanger so you can make the most educated decision for your wardrobe.

Wire Hangers

I never recommend purchasing these and I always recommend replacing them. There’s just better hangers out there to serve your clothes and you better.


  • Bends easily to form into desired shape
  • Clothing is easy to place on and remove from hanger
  • Most inexpensive option $


  • Feel and look cheap
  • The tip may scratch you or snag clothes
  • Bends easily and doesn’t hold heavier items
  • Can get tangled easily
  • Items may fall off
  • May leave bumps in the shoulders of certain fabrics

Plastic Swivel Hangers

I also never recommend purchasing these unless you’re running a store. Generally these hangers are just not worth the money and you could spend just as much on more durable and attractive hangers.


  • Easy swivel action to orient your clothes
  • Good for consignment shops or thrift stores
  • Moderately priced $$


  • Look and feel cheap
  • Price is greater than value
  • Plastic may break
  • May have trouble with heavier items

Wooden Hangers

The only reason I recommend these hangers is if it fits your aesthetic. They look nice and they get the job done, but they are pricey and come with a few other potential headaches.


  • Natural wood color could add style
  • Clothing is easy to place on and remove from hanger
  • Sturdy bottom bar can hang pants
  • Grooves help with slipping


  • Take up the most space
  • Can splinter
  • Can degrade or break over time
  • Wide-neck tops or pants may slip off
  • Some reported a foul and potent smell
  • More expensive $$$

Velvet Hangers

I recommend these hangers for the wide-neck garments but not much else. The thin design saves space and holds wide-neck items firmly, but it’s difficult to hang and remove small-neck items.

For suits with pants
For shirts and dresses


  • Non-slip velvet keeps clothing on the hanger
  • Good for wide-neck tops
  • Super-space saver, very thin design
  • Inexpensive if purchased in bulk $


  • Some have reported the velvet material discarding fuzz onto garments
  • Bottom bar may bend with heavier items
  • Can be difficult to put clothes on or remove from hanger due to non-slip material
  • Friction and thin design may not be good for certain fabrics
  • Have a history of breaking easily

Plastic Hangers

Well these are classic. These are very popular because they are middle of the road in almost every category: durability, cost, functionality and style. They are one of the easiest to work with in terms of hanging and removing items, but you need to zip up hoodies and button dress shirts to keep things hanging. It doesn’t hang on to wide-neck items very well. Be careful not to invest in plastic hangers only to desire upgrading to a more appealing set.


  • Flexible and durable
  • Can hold a considerable amount of weight but may have trouble with heavy jackets
  • Moderate space saver
  • Clothing is easy to place on and remove from hanger
  • Moderately priced $$


  • Wide-neck tops may slip off
  • Bottom bar may sag if hanging pants on them
  • Although very flexible, they may still break

Stainless Steel Hangers

I love the sleek look of steel. These are the perfect hangers if it fits your aesthetic, because they also function very well. If you are willing spend the extra cash on these hangers, they will last a lifetime and stay looking good!


  • Durable and will last a lifetime
  • Comes with rubber tip to avoid snagging clothes
  • Has shoulder grove to help with sliding
  • Clothing is easy to place on and remove from hanger
  • Sleek appearance
  • Saves more space than typical plastic hangers
  • Holds heavier items


  • Wide-neck tops or pants may slip off
  • More expensive $$$

Contour Shirt Hangers

If shoulder bumps are your biggest grief, these are the hangers for you. Although not very well known, these hangers get raving reviews on Amazon.


  • Good for hanging wet clothes to dry
  • Prevents shoulder bumps
  • Rubber grip keeps clothes hanging right
  • Good for wide-neck tops and knits
  • You can bend them carefully to suit different sizes


  • Rubber grip may make it difficult to hang or remove clothing
  • Moderately durable; may bend with heavy items
  • The most expensive $$$$

Slack/Trousers Pants Hangers

Some hangers can be used for tops and bottoms, but it can be challenging to get the pants through the center of the hanger or using the clips that tend to leave creases in the fabric. Hang and remove pants easily from these sleek and durable hangers.


  • Easy to slide on and off because of open design
  • Stays on hanger with rubber grip
  • Durable anti-rust metal
  • Space-saver
  • Looks sleek


  • May break over time or with abuse but unlikely
  • More expensive $$$

It’s important that when you open your closet doors, your wardrobe feels like it’s smiling right back at you. The better your closet looks and feels, the more inspired you’ll be to keep it that way. Choose the right hangers so your wardrobe looks good, feels good and functions simply. 

BOOK SUMMARY: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

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5 Simple Guidelines to Living Clutter-free

Follow these practical guidelines when assembling and maintaining your space in order to live clutter-free. 

  1. Have more space than stuff (Get more space or get rid of stuff)
  2. Everything should serve purpose
  3. Make everything easily accessible so that it only takes one step to retrieve or put away an item.
  4. Utilize dedicated transitional space for receiving new items
  5. Group like things together

Digitizing to Declutter

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