Let yourself have a bad day

We all have bad days and sometimes for reasons unknown. But guess what? You’re allowed to have a bad day. The only thing worse about having a bad day is feeling guilty about it.

Accept Your Mess

As I move into my new space it’s important to accept the mess that I’m in while I transition into my new space. In this video I chat about a few things to keep in mind while dealing with your mess.

Change your Mindset with Challenge Questions

By purposefully tranforming your problems and goals into challenge questions, you begin to train your brain to think in a way that helps you overcome or achieve them. In this video I go over the way to format your questions for best results.

Halloween Stuff Purge

I’m using my skills from my new business, Put What Where, to help me clear out the no longer needed Halloween gear from my older business, Dark Labyrinth Entertainment. Even the professionals have messes to clean.

When and Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

It might feel like organizing is something that should just happen, but often life and stuff is just too overwhelming. In this video I talk about when and why you might bring in a professional and how I go about making your life easier.

What is Creativity?

What is Creativity… really? We hear the word thrown around but do you realize how natural and essential it is to human development and evolution? Tune in to hear me chat about all the things that are “Creativity”

Start Small, Grow Big

I couldn’t go live because I was in the middle of the woods and had no service. So here’s a little lesson from my hammock that was taught to me by nature and practice; Start small and grow big.

Judgment. Tool or Weapon?

Judgment. It’s our decision making tool but do you sometimes wield it as a weapon? How do you know when you’re judging too quickly? The very nature of which we choose our path is complex, dynamic and controlling our experience.