Dealing with Death & the Stuff Left Behind

Whenever you lose someone, whether through death or other means, there tends to be physical and emotional stuff to deal with. Join me as I discuss some things to keep in mind while going through or hanging on to these items. Alexix Emery comes on the feed later to discuss her personal journey with her abusive family and how she liberated herself from the negative energy.

Getting Started on Things

Why is it so hard to get started? Well it comes down to prioritizing what’s most important to you, getting to the why behind what you’re doing and breaking things down into small achievable tasks rather than the behemoth of a task before you.

Managing Intangibles

Managing your “stuff” is one thing. Managing the stuff you can’t see or touch can be even more challenging. Things like time, money, ideas and relationships are important intangible resources that can be managed and more organized to improve your well-being. Do you have a challenge managing these things? There are some simple techniques during this live video to help you get a handle on these invisible resources.

Managing Unmanageable Tangibles

There are just some things we all have to manage that are never-ending. In this live broadcast I talk about how to organize tangible items in a general sense but then give specific tips on managing three of the most common unmanageable tangibles: laundry, mail/paperwork, and dishes. Don’t get buried in piles and take control through some simple techniques.

Minimalism, Hoarding, Spartanism

Hoarding, Minimalism, and Obsessive Compulsive Spartanism are three degrees of consumption on a scale of most healthy to least healthy. Minimalism being the perfect balance (healthy) and Hoarding & OCS being the extremes (unhealthy). Do you choose to consume only what serves you? If so, what is your motivations and what are your benefits of these choices? Do you feel privileged to have the ability to choose minimalism?

What kind of disorganizer are you?

Mind, Body and Soul. These three aspects of you comprise your being and existence. Balance is achieved through a good dose of each. So why are you disorganized? Do you not care? Do you not know how? Are you’re just not doing it? Overcoming these obstacles are challenging but not impossible. Let me help you find your balance and get organized.

Vlogs coming soon!

Live videos are on the rise and very engaging. I’ll be going live every Thursday at 7pm to discuss a topic in creativity and organizing. Can’t make it live? Don’t worry, I’ll post the shiny version on YouTube afterwords. Stay tuned!