Brush Organizer (24 Spaces)

For a large quantity of brushes, this is a great solution to keeping them separated and readily available.

Makeup Brush Organizer / Drying Rack (12 Spaces)

Vertical storage frees up valuable desk/drawer space. Doubles as a brush drying rack.

Vertical Makeup Organizer (28 Spaces)

I’m always a fan of vertical storage. See all you have and take up less space. Just know that longer cosmetics may slide out, but works perfectly for standard-sized lipsticks.

Makeup Organizer Display Stand (40 Spaces)

Sold as a lipstick organizer, but works well for all of your cosmetics that are tall and thin.

Eyeliner / Lip Liner Organizer (26 Slots)

Blushes Highlighters Eyeshadow Makeup Organizer, 8 Spaces

Eliminate the need to shuffle through your small compacts with this simple solution.

Counter Display Nail Polish Organizer (Fits 60 Bottles)

If you have the counter space and want to show off your entire nail polish collection all the time, this tiered display holds up to 60 bottles for your viewing pleasure at a low price. Works with other items too, like essential oils, or thread, or your favorite miniature figurines.

Nail Polish Organizer Holder (48 Slots)

This option not only allows you to see all of your nail polish options easily, but you can easily slide it in and out of a concealed space. Free up valuable vanity space! Works with other items too, like essential oils, thread or lipsticks.

Cosmetic Makeup/Jewelry Organizer Cube

Clear drawers make it easy to see everything. Shallow drawers make it hard to overfill and easy to access what you need.

80-Pocket Hanging Organizer

Advertised for Jewelry but could have many applications. Clear pockets make it easy to see everything at once.

Multi-Purpose Steel Mesh Caddy

I LOVE THIS SOLUTION! It’s inexpensive and perfect for kits. It’s advertised as a silverware and napkin holder, but it’s perfect for holding your shaving supplies, makeup, items for your nighttime ritual, crafting materials, office supplies, etc. I have yet to find a better solution for organizing drawers that are 5″ high or more.

Apothecary Jars (Set of 3)

These jars are cute enough to leave on the counter filled with essentials or sharable items.