Organizing session with Mike Raisch (Please CONTACT ME Or Simply book an appointment on my booking website)

Mike’s extensive experience with technology and creative thinking provides him with an advantage in getting and staying organized in the 21st Century.  His big heart and minimalist outlook will leave you inspired to get organized and take control of your environment. See how it works.

Donation and Recycling removal (LEARN MORE)

Small quantities of donations and recyclables can be removed from the premises at no extra charge. Certain items to be recycled are at cost (TVs, Monitors, Refrigerators for example). Larger quantities that may require larger vehicles or dumpsters can be assessed on a case by case basis.

Offsite paper shredding: $20 per banker box
Digitize DVDs, VHS, Cassettes, documents & photos into more preservable and versatile formats. (Learn More)
  • Photos and Documents ———–$0.20 per scan
    • +$0.05 per photo that needs to be removed from an album or scrapbook
    • +$0.05 per photo that needs to be added back into an album or scrapbook
    • +$0.05 per photo that needs to be cropped
  • VHS, DVDs & audio cassettes —–$0.20 per min
  • 35mm slides —————————-–$0.35 per scan
  • CDs ——————————————-$1.50 each
  • Super 8 and 8mm reels ——-——-$25 each
  • Other media formats must be assessed. 
In addition to digitizing, mike raisch can help you create the perfect slideshow, manipulate a photograph or create a poster. Sometimes preserving memories is a project. (Learn More)
Let us sell items you no longer need. Get more space and make a little extra cash! (Learn More)
Tech Expert – Learn, play, work – Enhance your life or business with 21st century skills and tools. (Learn more)