Going digital doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether preserving family photos/videos or organizing your office files, Put What Where will get you setup quickly and do all the heavy lifting. You’ll find the answers to most of your questions below. Whenever you have a scanning project, large or small, please contact me to get started!

Why go digital?

  • All of your content Preserved Indefinitely
  • Easy Access from all your devices
  • Find files more easily with the Search Function or by browsing the computer’s filing system
  • Free Up Valuable Space in your home or office
  • Create & Share your content online

Why go with Put What Where?

I’m a small business owner that cares about the work he does and the people he serves. I’m not a giant company that sees you as a number but a creative person that will be your point of contact for all of your digitizing and organizing needs. It’s in my nature to make sure you’re getting a quality product and I take great pride in the work I do. I’m that personal assistant you always wish to have! Find out more about me.

How does it work?

$10 pick up and/or drop-off within 15 miles of Tonawanda, NY 14150 (USA only);  OR ship your items at your expense. Please contact for shipping address.

Turnaround time can be assessed per project, but I’m the fastest around!

Scans can be transferred to usb, DVD or external hard drive. You are responsible for backing up your digital content.

Pricing ($20 minimum on all jobs; Discounts available for jobs over $500)

  • Photos and Documents $0.20 per scan
    • +$0.05 per photo that needs to be removed from an album or scrapbook
    • +$0.05 per photo that needs to be added back into an album or scrapbook
    • +$0.05 per photo that needs to be cropped
  • VHS, DVDs & audio cassettes —–$0.20 per min
  • 35mm slides ————————–$0.35 per scan
  • CDs ————————————-$1.50 each
  • Super 8 and 8mm reels ————-$25 each
  • Other media formats must be assessed. 
  • Media to USB————————-$7 per 32GB USB (recommended)
  • Media to DVD
    • First DVD ————————–$7
      • Extra DVD copies————-$1.50 each

Note: Media to USB will provide the best quality and quantity of content compared to DVD. DVDs will be obsolete in the relatively near future, so it is recommended that you go digital unless DVD is the only means you have to play your content. Still unsure? Contact me to discuss the details.

All photos/documents are scanned at 600 dpi ≈ 1.5MB per digital file

Higher resolutions are available upon request at additional cost.

After job is complete, you can decide what to do with your physical content:

  • Discard at no cost
  • Shred ($20 per banker box)
  • Delivered home within 15 miles of Tonawanda, NY ($10)
  • Delivered home via a shipping service (Shipping fees at your expense)

Any items not claimed within 90 days of completion will be discarded