Technology Training

Individuals, families, or teams may book a session with Mike Raisch to learn any of the following:

Technology Basics

  • Getting started on your personal computer or mobile device
  • Manage your time with Calendars
  • Manage your tasks with Reminders
  • Manage your E-Mail
  • Organize your digital photos and files (Check out my digitizing services)
  • Connect smart home devices

Technology for Small Businesses

  • Branding
  • Set up website
  • Set up social media
  • Manage customers
  • Manage Sales/Expenses
  • Custom solutions for your specific business needs

Microsoft Office and Apple’s Productivity Apps

  • Word/Pages
  • Excel/Numbers
  • Power Point/Keynote

Get Creative

  • Make Music with Garageband or Logic Pro
  • Make Movies with iMovie or Final Cut Pro
  • Make graphics or manipulate photos with Photoshop or other photo editing apps

Mike’s extensive experience with technology and creative thinking provides him with an advantage in getting and staying organized in the 21st Century. He served as a Creative at the Walden Galleria Apple Store for six years sharing his extensive knowledge about Apple products and integrating technology into personal and business applications. Whether you need to clean up your email or setup your small business with technology, Mr. Raisch is here to guide and provide his expertise wherever it’s needed. Contact him today to discuss your needs.